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Welcome to Bala

Welcome to Bala / Y Bala

Bala (Y Bala in Welsh) is a small market town located in Gwynedd, a county in northwestern Wales. It sits on the eastern shore of Bala Lake, also known as Llyn Tegid, which is the largest natural lake in Wales. The town is situated within the Snowdonia National Park, a beautiful and mountainous region renowned for its stunning landscapes.

The town lies at the northern end of Bala Lake (Llyn Tegid) and seventeen miles north-east of Dolgellau and has a population of around 2,000. The town is centered around one wide street, called Stryd Fawr (High Street or Great Street). Bala hosted the National Eisteddfod in 1967, 1997 and 2009.

Betsi Cadwaladr, who worked with Florence Nightingale in the Crimea War, and who gave her name to the local Health Board, came from Bala.

Bala has a rich history dating back to medieval times. It was an important center for wool production and trade (including flannel, stockings, gloves and hosiery) during the 18th and 19th centuries. The town’s strategic location along traditional trade routes contributed to its growth and prosperity.

One of the notable attractions in Bala is Bala Lake Railway, a heritage railway that operates along the southern shore of Bala Lake. Visitors can take a scenic train ride and enjoy the picturesque views of the surrounding countryside.

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to Bala due to its proximity to the Snowdonia National Park. The area offers various opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and watersports on Bala Lake.

Bala also has cultural significance, particularly in the Welsh language. It is known as the “Welsh capital of the lakes” and has been a center for Welsh language and culture preservation. The town hosts the annual National Eisteddfod, a renowned festival celebrating Welsh arts and literature.

In terms of amenities, Bala has a range of shops, restaurants, and accommodations to cater to visitors. It is a popular destination for tourists seeking a tranquil retreat in a beautiful natural setting.

Overall, Bala is a charming town that combines natural beauty, historical heritage, and cultural importance, making it an appealing destination for visitors exploring the wonders of Wales.

Bala is in Eastern Snowdonia

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